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& YOGAshala

A space where you feel at home. A place where you come to feel safe, cared for, and pampered, where you can cultivate both your inner Self and your sense of community.
100% aligned with Feng Shui principles, siendo SOULcare & YOGAshala has been carefully created with you and your well-being in mind. Beginning with the beautiful Yoga studio (equipped with a changing room as well as a shower) we also offer therapy rooms, a consultation office, and a communal space - all in a cozy and inviting boutique-style setting.

Margaret Rosania

Health Coach for a sustainable lifestyle

Her 23 years of expertise in phototherapy have given her the skills to mindfully pair the healing powers of the plant kingdom with the patient's emotional state. Tapping into the healing properties of medicinal herbs, she aims to access the body’s ancestral memories to establish mind-body alignment.

Her sessions

Emotional Support

Integrative Health Coaching, Cosmobiology

Specific Needs

Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers

Nutritional Psychology

Vaginal Steaming, Reiki

Vision / Pillars

Siendo ignites inner growth with self-education, self-care, and self-expression. Margaret´s guidance will provide the confidence to create balance grounded in the sum of present moments. Tailored to your goals, personalized tools, therapies, and experiences will be chosen to empower yourself as you journey to creating a sustainable lifestyle.


Leads to awareness, self-care, and personal responsibility, empowering transformation and freeing from limiting beliefs.


Strengthens self-expression, discernment, self-worth, and endurance to keep our priorities.


Manifests self-love, fortifies, connects, and contributes to creation with genuine compassion.

The Conch

When we choose to walk the path toward discovering our life purpose, we align ourselves with Universal Love. This Love vibrates within us, directing us toward the experiences and choices necessary for our spiritual growth. By tuning into this vibration, we are inspired to reach our highest potential and make it the compass of our daily lives. The conch, an ancient symbol of infinity, represents courage, strength, and spiritual awakening, and serves as an inspirational call for unity and soul fulfillment. At Siendo, our mission is to utilize the elements of nature to empower and support others on their spiritual journey. We consider this pursuit to be self-alignment. Fulfilling this purpose is, to us, the art of BEING.
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